Born in Miami, raised in Bogota, Colombia, Raquel began her Liberal Arts education at Sarah Lawrence College where she studies for two years after which she moved with her family to Israel where she lived for three years and studied at the Musrara Art Academy.  The artist recalls her early experiences with photography involving long hours in the dark room, developing film by hand and exploring alternative photographic processes. This had a crucial impact on her artistic language and inspired her ultimate desire to create art that speaks to and about the soul.  Following her years in Jerusalem Raquel returned to NYC enrolling at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where she would graduate from with honorary mention. 

She began exhibiting her work in NYC and later was invited to Miami as artist in residence followed by a full scholarship to pursue her Master's degree in Photography at University of Miami, where she taught for 3 years.  It was in Miami that the artist's body of work became greatly influenced by her environment and she turned her attention to the element of water.  As the holder of a dual career as artist and certified yoga instructor, Raquel believes her spiritual path towards the expansion of consciousness contribute imperative meaning to her visual work through the sublime connection between mind, matter, spirituality, beauty and eroticism. “I think of my images as fragments from a dream expressing archetypal symbolic unconscious realms.” Within her works the artist explores dreams, sexuality, nature and mortality.